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Serif MediaPlus 2.0

It is a powerful multimedia tool to manage your photos, images, media content
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Serif MediaPlus is powerful multimedia software to manage your photos, images and media content. MediaPlus allows you to work with any digital images. It could be photos, graphics, sounds, video files and so on. Moreover, there is a built-in download manager which lets you take images from the Internet. In addition, there is also filtering function that allows to set the size of the image you want to take. This program allows you to organize, sort, edit, convert your images. With MediaPlus you can create on-line photo albums, screensavers, slideshows, and any photo can be included in as many different albums as you like. MediaPlus provides you with many useful features. There are improved editing tools. Browse tools will let you see all images stored on your computer without opening additional applications. Searching tools let you find the image you are looking for more quickly and easily. Also you can add tags to the image, captions, author and keywords. Then using the searching tools you can check these tags, for example, quickly find pictures which contain “Summer holiday”. With new batch-processing tool it is easy to change the variables of a large number of photos at once - file format and image size, for example. The photo albums and slideshows you create can be accessed via the Internet and viewed by other people, and they don’t need to have MediaPlus to see it.

Julia Galygo
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  • Powerful
  • A lot of new features
  • Clever Internet feature
  • Searching tools
  • Batch processing


  • For pictures actually (not much use for video and audio)
  • Quite expensive
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